Xat is the best chat-hosting site on the web that is currently hosting the BZPC. Many newbies think xat can harm Venom if he abuses power, which in this case is not true because xat doesn't really give a crap about what goes on amongst the chats.

It was first used for BZPC by Kodan, which was later replaced with a new chat by Venom. Xat includes many features such as a YouTube Player, the doodle board, games, smilies, and administration features.

The best part? It cannot be hacked at ALL. SO GO AHEAD AND TRY IT, NOOB!!

Technically this is incorrect, as through password cracking software and such, people can acquire your login details for your account and use the powers on it for nefarious ends.

There have also been numourous accounts of glitches that can be exploited.

The biggest example would be the Day of the Replicas, in which Varderan discovered Member Cloning and used it to cause havoc on BZPC1.

Varderan also demonstrated how to create an exact duplicate of a members account, ID number, avatar, and name, but this hack's flaw was that it couldn't use the duplicates power, making it very slim in the danger scale.