Tobi Edit

Tobi is a mentally unstable BZPC member and commander of the group MASK, which used to have [1][Very Tipsy Pickle] in it.

BZPower Edit

Tobi, under the name Nostrum, first joined BZP in about 2006. He was a real noob, and had a massive crush on <Daydreamer>. He had a comedy and a failed epic, then left BZP for about two and a half years. He returned with a bigger vocabulary, a new comic series, an awesomesauce RPG in COT about zombies, and a new epic. However, the server crashed, burned, failed, and ROFLCOPTER'd in his LULZHOLE, and he found the BZPC. Hell would soon be known to the BZPCers.

The BZPC Edit

Tobi quickly joined the BZPC, accruing some friends and enemies. He quickly made friends with Dariux, who also tries to kill him. He is friends with some mods, is best friends with Anon, and is genrally either loved or hated by everyone in the chat. Contrary to popular belief, Tobi is a good boy.

Oh, and he's also B6's neko-ninja-Toa-slave.

Tobi the Slip of PaperEdit

Tobi was getting along well with some of the people on there, until he ran into MT, who remembered a Tobi from the video game Okami. In Okami, Tobi is a piece of paper that challenges you to several races. MT proceeded to begin calling Tobi a piece of paper, as a joke, until Tobi blew up and started going crazy at the name. This has become one of the things Tobi is most well known for, and many people still call him that whenever he comes on. (Tobi as a piece of paper in Okami)

Tobi's FailsEdit

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