"Tilius is a moderator's pet"
--KTM(mocking Tilius)

Tilius is a OPBZPC on BZP and a member of the BZPC. He is only known for his role in an argument with KTM. The argument ended up getting them so mad at each other that Tilius decided to play dirty and tell the mods on KTM for "advertising,"(KTM had given him the link to some website) which resulted in KTM being suspended from BZP for two weeks. Most members on BZPC simply made fun of KTM for this incident, but MT was annoyed by Tilius' antics and set out to claim vengeance for his friend. It is believed that MT is still waiting on BZPC for Tilius to show up. Due to being humiliated, KTM has been infuriated by members laughing at his suspension and is currently out to confront those who think this is all a big joke.

Let that be a lesson that you can't go all wily-nily when it comes to advertising chats.

That's the joke.


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