The ogvernment was something you were not supposed to know about. But Haz brought them up and they are now out to get you. The leader of the Ogvernment is actually Haz himself.

More importantly, Candlejack also works for the ogver


The BZPC Ogvernment is something different entirely,our ogvernment is based on punishments and rules, as well as staff.

Before, the was the BZPCommunism in which only one person controlled the chat, this was a hassle obviously, and so it was decided to have several leaders.

In the olden days Venom promoted those he felt were trustworthy, this however, led to much controversy as some claimed Venom merely promoted his friends because they were "cool"

Because of this some members rarely ever did there job, although some did it very well. Eventually it was decided that the members should vote for their leaders, Mods and Owners.

This was established greatly in the BZPC2, where Tenebrae Invictus hosted the monthly Mod/Owner elections, these were almost identical to campaign elections in America, members were nominated then voted for, the voting process went through rounds, eliminating those who didn't make the required amount of votes to move on. When it came down to the final 4, the candidates made Campaign posters to try to win over some votes, finally the two admins are decided. For mods voting is less of a hassle, the voting tends to last a day or two, instead of rounds, its whoever makes 4 votes first, once 4 members reach 4 votes they are promoted to their moderator status respectively. The bad mod problems didn't disappear here either, though, as some of the mods were just voted in because they were popular.

Down in BZPC10 things were much more simpler. If Venom wanted new staff he would simply say " [INSERT NOMINEE] for mod/admin?" and then members would say Yes or No, gaining enough Yes's meant you were promoted. This however ran into some problems as there was no check on the amount of mods that could be had, and thus modship became somewhat of a commodity.


The ogvernment was completely re-written for TheBZPC, from staff to rules to New Member Policies.

This was known as the BZPC Declaration, during this event, Levacious and Vigor competed against each other, both writing a new set of rules/requirements, everyone of course voted Vigor's.

There were some disagreements however, so MT decided to combine the two, throwing in his own policy as well, and with it he used Vigor's Staff Promotions Policy, Lev's Rules and Guidelines, and his own New Member Policy, which gained the approval of Varderan and Eljay.

the completed Declaration is below.

Both Mange, and Venom were chosen as main owner to enforce these rules.

Historical Images Edit

This image, showing BZPatriotism, depicts the signing of the Declaration of BZPendence. This image was discovered by Eljay while digging through some new found archives.