The Big Three is a BZPCian group consisting of Hazmat, UK, and Arby. They are self proclaimed "lovers" and, while having been described as some as, "gay sicko perverts," they continue to insist that they aren't problematic, and that they are only perverted when other members have been on. The group has been notorious for getting in trouble, and were once described as a temp mod as a "nightmare."

The Big Three have nothing to do with the Minions of the Brain.
The Big Three(From left to right: Arby, Haz, UK)
[This pic has had some copyright issues from both Mange(copied picture) and MT(stolen mask)]

Anons commentsEdit

Big three be haten' 'cause they ain't got nothing on me.

QQQQ SectionEdit

The QQQQ is known as the Big Fourth.

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