The TaliBAN, also known as Noob Hunters or NooBusterz were a secret sect of staff promoted by the administrators by request to, as they put it, "clean the BZPC member pool". They went under extensive conditioning (except for the first Noob Hunter, Eljay) and were trained specifically to ban their targets on sight. They were basically BZPC's Ban-ssassins. The first two original Noob Hunters were Jahli and Eljay. They were promoted by Venom to hunt down Makuta Vahi. But, Venom ended up banning MV instead because he was the only staff on at the time. So, Eljay and Jahli got to keep their mod-ships. While Jahli kept his power, Eljay was demoted for power abuse when a member of BZPC made fun of mangosteens and Eljay banned him for an hour.

Jahli eventually was promoted to Admin.
Their motto was: BAN or BE BANNED. They had to live up to high expectations.
After that episode, the TaliBAN slipped into the shadows, and Venom wouldn't answer whether it was still around or not, although MT later confirmed that it still was in order, but on an indefinite hiatus.

The Invictus EraEdit

When Venom destroyed the BZPC, the TaliBAN went with it. Mange has decided that there will be no noob hunters on BZPC 2, meaning that another TaliBAN is out of the question there. No replacement TaliBAN has been created on BZPC10, so as of now, such a group does not exist.

The PresentEdit

When TheBZPC was created, the potential for a TaliBAN came with it. However, most of the admins had the idea of putting everyone as a friend so that they always had the option to ban them from anywhere, anytime, so the possibility for a TaliBAN is unlikely.