On February 1st, 2010, Tenebrae Invictus kept hearing on the chat about Omegle, so he decided to descend once again into the Land of the Meeglers. He had a few strange conversations, and it finally led to one in which someone left after he said ono. This inspired him to start pranking whoever he talked to on Omegle, which led to him starting every conversation with NO ONE EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION. He laughed at the first results, which was someone leaving right after he pranked them. He continued to do so, and some people refused to disconnect so he had a long and unscreened conversation with him. He even met someone who actually caught on to the roll, and it turned out to be his best conversation on Omegle. He obtained the guy's YouTube Account and found he was also a World of Warcraft player. He then finished up his Spanish Inquisition collage, full of him pranking people and them leaving right away. During the time Invictus was Inquisition-rolling, MT, Blackout and TMOAG also joined him, nearly talking to or rolling (or both) about 1% of all Meeglers online at the time.


Inquisition-Roll Collage


-Invictus did not conduct all post-greeting messages correctly, save the weapons of torture that were used.

The FutureEdit

Invictus plans to lead another prankathon on Omegle, this time a different Monty Python line.

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