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Omega Turtle Studios(MoC misspelled the title <_<) is a Team of banner, comic, Mocists and story makers. Started by MT, a few people joined: Blackout, MoC, Meso, and etc. So far a Comic series has been established, and a Comedy written by Meso, MT, and MoC. The team is now fully integrated with the Zehvor, although the head operatives of the group are the original members.


  • Aftermath
  • TBTTRAH: Vundas
  • Almost There
  • OTS Comic Series(v 1 and 2.0)

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OTS banners and AVs Edit

  • OTS banner, no turtles were harmed

  • The Shadow the Makuta Character Banner.

  • MT's OTS banner

  • Star's OTS banner
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