Meraceire is a 12-year old rich kid actor guy, experienced at Photoshop GFX yet a bit overrated but a general nuisance to Venom and other members.

He was a former ~V~ co-author. He also notably had a feud with VTP, which resulted in him getting 11 kicks in a row. He lives in an old hut in Canada and obsesses over movies. Legend has it that one day he will take over BZPC one day and become The Great Chatroom Dictator.

Now if you're still reading this, then you certainly got taste. Mera likes to sprite in his spare time as well and count his money. Not to mention he likes to buy 1 terabyte circuit boards, ooooh boy!

When he isn't being a spoiled rich brat, he's a decent guy but kinda cold. This is due to his expeditions to the North Pole. Also, you know how they say money talks? Mera's money talked him into getting scammed by this poor con artist. He's now an eccentric millionaire, they say.

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