This guide is according to Tenebrae Invictus. Varderan's video no longer exists.

Makka Makka Noo TabzEdit

You need to open several tabs that go to a different Xat chat, preferably BZPC Mark 2. Then you will repeat Step 2 on all tabs.

Step 2: Resetting Xat InformationEdit

Right click the chat, then press settings. Then do the following:

Step 3: Go to A ChatEdit

Now, make the URLs of each tab go to your target-of-cloning site. If you pulled it off right, a bunch of clones can show up. Note, only one clone will survive if any talks, usually the clone who talked most recently. All other clones will sign off.

If you screwed up, you'll need to do all 3 steps 1 tab at a time.