"Olook a lecro" -The phrase when Lecro apers

Lecro was led to BZPC by Var on skype he later joined 2 hours later. Lecro is probably one of the oddest case you'll ever meet.

"..." -lecros favourite phrase (Oddly enough this is also Sonu's favorite saying) But Sonu came first so it's his. :P(NO Me) (no SONU. Get over it.)(NO U) (NO IT'S SONUS)

Here is Lecro's story

After joining BZPC, Lecro was suddenly recruited in the BZPCFBI and was sent on many top secret missions, eventually ending with an epic gun battle in the Throne room of Galabor the Ravager, resulting in a chain reaction that opened BZPC2 and merged Lecro's DNA with some of LJ's Mangosteencode (as well as embedding fractures of the Mask Of Elipses held by Sonu into his mind) giving him a Toa Of Mangosteen-esque Appearance, and a habit of posting "..." , though Lecro had saved the world and the internets from Galabor, the chain reaction sent Lecro into a chain of insanity, and nobody, not even himself, realises he was the great internet saviour.

As of recent times he makes his nest in the BZPC2 chat.

about LecroEdit

  • He likes LP
  • hes has low voice
  • hates anon
  • thinks he is very sexy
  • is only 12