"Leaving Forever" is an act that many BZPC members attempt to do, it involves the member of chat logging out of BZPC and never ever returning, not for one reason, at all!

The latest member to leave forever was Kothra on 2013.7.27.

Many members who have tried to Leave forever, but failed;

  • Eljay
  • Sylux/ExDee
  • VTP (Left forever after a discussion with Kiotu, this also made Eljay leave forever again, though VTP has appeared once more when the Seventh Olmak Effect happened)
  • Blackout (Left Forever out of guilt for revealing MoC's Secret, though returned and was promptly banned after acting like a noob)
  • Akaku (Left forever after getting fed up with arguments and noobs, returned within the week)
  • Jedibot (Left forever multiple times, mostly from the chat bashing him for his fail, or he just gets so mad he wants himself banned. Through all those times, he returns a day or two later.)(UPDATE: He's back and is on a lot now)
  • Venom (Attempted to leave BZPC and BZP once, but returned after changing his mind. Second time was just to form his awesome plan) (Now he's a main owner of TheBZPC)
  • Anon (Left after an argument with MT and Arby, when he finally realized that no one(or almost no one) on BZPC agrees with his political views. He returns occasionally to spam about Political Stuff. (UPDATE: He's permabanned)
  • The QQQQ (Left due to evil spirits appearing, and the creation of TheBZPC.) But then he came back to bzpc for reasons unknown.
  • Varderan (Returns briefly whenever Mesonak says something hilarious is going on)
  • Starparu (Left from Mid 2010 to late 2011, then returned)

As you can see, Leaving Forever is harder than it seems, because no matter how hard you try...

You Always Come Back.


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