Joined BZP: June 6, 2004
Joined BZPC: June 2009
Aliases: Koth
Hobbies: Not Making Comics
Pronunciation of Current Name: kawth-ra

Kothra was a BZPC moderator. He became a mod sometime after the reset. He is a guy who is awesome (more so than like, lots of people), but has almost no knowledge in editing wiki pages, so, don't expect fancy title block things. Ziko did this for him.

Also, he likes guns, and sprites them. He also sprites Xaniskit stuff.

He technically makes comics, but hasn't for a while, even though his friends have been telling him to, and he said he is ready to.

And stuff like that.

And then THE KOTH returned on August 1st or so, and cools happened. And everyone was a hater like always.

And then he returned (again) July 27, 2013 just to promptly leave forever.

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