Kini Hawkeye is an accomplished Author and a member of the Toa Seneca.
Kini could be categorized as a "Peruvian Muffin" like Starparu, and has been known to have an extremely short temper, proven by his hatred for Venom for calling him a girl.

The Romance That Would Never Be Edit

After hearing about Kini's exceptional writing skills, Dariux Commissioned for a Dragon Romance Story to be written, however after many reminding and pestering, Kini never wrote the story, claiming Dariux needed to give writers time; apparently a few months was too little time to think of something.

This of course, is complete bull, as Kini really only agreed to it as a way to get Dar to shut up.

Torture or Torturer? Edit

After the creation of the 9th Circle of BZPC Hell, Treachery, by Kini, he immediatly gave everyone who had came into the new chat, namely Kiotu, Shadok, VTP, and Dar, Owner Status. After people asking to be made a simple mod so that they could take their abusive tendancies out on eachother without getting in trouble, Kini created a "Game."

That game, was Torture or Torturer.

Basically, everyone who plays is mod or higher. The Owner present asks each mod on the list whether they choose Torture, or Torturer. If they choose torture, they are demoded and left to the mercies of the other mods for 30 seconds. Meaning Kicks, bans, and Guesting galore. If the mod chooses torturer, each and every player is demoted to a member, and the moderater gets to have their pick of the torments that the helpless individuals go through for, you guessed it, 30 seconds.

Kini's got a habit of starting each round with...


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