Kahnoa is a BZP member.

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Joined BZP: July 2007
Joined BZPC: 2010
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BZPower Edit

Kahnoa joined BZPower in July 2007. His first user-name was "Toa of dark". The lower case "d" in "Toa of dark" upset Kahnoa, so he changed it to "Toa of Dark" in early 2009. Kahnoa had came up with the name "Kahnoa when he was 12. He liked the name, so he changed his user-name again to Kahnoa:Toa of Dark. Later that year he changed it to "Toa Kahnoa". It is currently "Kahnoa"

Kahnoa enjoys BZPower, but He is slowly drifting away from it.

Kahnoa has played several Bionicle RPGs.


One day, Kahnoa got a pm from Meso, Meso was talking about a chat room just for BZP members. He went to the chat room, He was flabbergasted, all he saw was a bunch of comic makers spamming their heads off. Kahnoa left BZPC, thinking it was lame.

BZPC2 Edit

One day, Kahnoa was bored and found out that BZPC was no more and that there was now a new one. Kahnoa decided to join it. Now he enjoys talking with these people. Kahnoa has made new friends, MT and Sonu.

Crazy bomb Edit

One day Kahnoa got mad at all the fools at BZPC2, so he did a big spam bomb. He was banned, then unbanned.

BZPC10 Edit

BZPC10 was made and Kahnoa liked it.


A new and cool BZPC was made, to merge BZPC2 and BZPC10.It is Kahnoa's fav.

Leaving Forever Edit

Kahnoa left BZPC

Return and Revelation Edit

Kahnoa returned to BZPC, this time, he is different.

Kahnoa also reveled that he has a brother who also had control of the his account, the brother goes by Esau

October 2010 Edit

LJ made a petition to ban Anon, Kahnoa was all for it. Anon was banned soon after.



Kahnoa's friends are Venom Kodan Eljay The Bohrok Lord Arby

and MT

Fun Facts Edit

  • Kahnoa's favorite BZPC person is MT.
  • Kahnoa likes pie.
  • Kahnoa is cool for being a big Linkin Park fan.
  • Kahnoa likes BZPC10 better.

Quotes Edit

  • "I'M GOING NUVA"- Kahnoa, while changing to Kahnuva
  • "HE'S GOING N00BA, WATCH OUT"- Tenebrae Invictus
  • "VENOM IS EPIC"-What Kahnoa says every few minutes while Venom is on, or when anyone mentions Venom's name.
  • "h=GUYS"
  • "I owned Akaku is Halo"- Kahnoa said this on March 19, 2010, soon after he got on.
  • "KODAN,are those meat seeking missiles " -Kahnoa talking to Kodan
  • "I...AM..ALIVE!"- Kahnoa with is nammed changed to Teridax " Nah man, u ded" - Hazmat
  • "Haz is the missing link, I found him in Hyrule, touching Zelda"

Links Edit

Kahnoa's BZP profile

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