Joined BZP : August 9, 2007
Joined BZPC : Late August 2009
Watches Over : ...Uh... Wait, what? BZPower, BZPC, BZPCWiki... I think that's what it means.
Current Comic Series : Read vs Bloo (to be released late 2009/early 2010), Jahli's Comics (closed), Agents 4.0 (yet to be released), and many others.
Joined BZPC Staff : (As a mod) September 1, 2009
Promoted to Admin : Late September of 2009
Location : France
Status : Member
Pronunciation : Jah-Lee


You may remember this section from the Comic Land wiki. I was too lazy to edit it. =P -Jahls™

Before becoming a member on BZP, Jahli spent some time reading comics by Dark709 and Dokuma. That's where he was inspired by Dok's GIMP awesomeness and Dark's comic humor. So, Jahli would use the chimoru omega kit and Photoshop Student Edition 2.0 to make what was Jahli's original sprite. Jahli (at school) would tell his friend (whoappears as Hewkaku in Jahli's comics) about comic ideas, and ask him for his opinion. Eventually, Jahli joined BZP on August 9th, 2007. Jahli made comics and posted them in his handmade website until he felt brave enough to actually post them. On July 7, 2008, Jahli finally had the guts to post and was waiting for major criticism to roll in. But, instead all he got were complements. So, that's when he started to work on his comic making skills. Jahli used to use Photoshop Student Edition. And, it had minor editing tools. So, Jahli recolored the white to match the background instead of using the "magic eraser", which Jahli didn't discover until late comic #3.

TO BE EDITED MOAR. BY ME. -Jahls™ <When are you going to be doing that? ~{QQQQ}>

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