BZPC's Former Goody Two-shoes Mod
Joined BZP: August something/December 22, 2006
Joined BZPC: Early 2009
Status: Active
Current Comic Series: Squidventures!

Ikkad is a former moderator of BZPC, now on BZPC2/10 as a member after his long disappearance and lack of knowledge of events prior to his return.


Ikkad joined BZPower under the name Thok465 in August, er,(he doesn't seem to remember) in August 2006, relieved that there was actually a community for Bionicle fans such as him. After being grounded for a while, he returned to BZP, having forgotten his password, and rejoined as Toa_Vakama555. He has since been a co-author in a comedy, the author of a failed comic series, a co-author of two more comic series(/es?), and a regular poster. He currently runs his hand-drawn series "Squidventures!".


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