"Q isn't a ho!"

"Ya she is. *He *it *she *it"

-Mesonak, Minivan, HBBG

Joining BZPEdit

HBBG was a long-time surfer on the site, before he became a member. He was originally known as Matau 8/23 when he was a lonely noob on BZP from November 2008 to February 2009. He joined because he wished to promote his stop-motion movie about the Final Battle, which failed. In February, he changed his name to Harry Billy Bob George to pretend to be a noob to annoy SPIRIT.


He started to go to BZP after Eljay introduced him to the site during the hacker thingamabob in summer 2009. Since then he was banned in November? December? for lying about wanting to be kicked by Pak. He admitted he did it several times, but Pak was such an SOB that he "Didn't see it." He then impersonated Eljay very poorly when Eljay was there, so nobody believed it, but Eljay still had a fit like a little girl.

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