These are the theme songs for each type of group or what they do on BZPC/BZPC2/TheBZPC.

Staff Altogether: I Am the Law - Anthrax | [1] "Fear the badge, he earned it with his blood - fear the gun, your sentence may be death because I AM THE LAW - YOU WON'T F*** AROUND THE LAW" (Warning: NSFW song)

Overthrowing/Becoming a new leader: Kill the King - Megadeth | Lyrics "Kill the King! The King is dead! Long live the King! (I am the King!) God save the King."

Members in general: We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful - Reel Big Fish " and if there's No Doubt, that makes it even worse when we can destroy them, You bet your life we will destroy them. If we can hurt them well, we may as well ... Its really laughable Ah ha ha ha ha ha Ah ha ha ha ha ha Ah ha ha ha ha Oh ho ho ho! Wah ha ha ha! Wah ha ha ha! "

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