FireEmblem is one of the oldest (as in joining, not age) members on BZPC. He is also a member of the Awesomesauces.

Joined BZP: November 15, 2005 (former account), March 2nd, 2008 (current account)
Watches Over: BZPower, BZPC, his laptop, Flaming Comics 2.0
Current Comic Series: Flaming Comics 2.0
Joined BZPC Staff: January 2009

FireEmblem came to BZPC in January - February 2009 when he received a PM from Venom on BZP to come. FE had met unfamiliar faces, such as Sharnak and asked Venom why he was Moderator when FE barely knew him. Venom talked to him about Owners and Moderators and they were only promoted if he trusted them, in which FE said "Don't you trust me, Venom?". FE was promoted to Moderator.

In June of 2009, FireEmblem was banned for, well, he wanted to be banned... (yeah I know pathetic) he was later promoted back to Moderator. In September of 2009, he was promoted to Owner unknowingly (he was watching football when it happened) and people disliked this. One person (ExDee) disliked this so much he angered FireEmblem to the limit in which he was banned. ExDee Lemonpartied FE (you DON'T wanna know...) and resulted in the forever banning of ExDee.

In December, FE noticed the chat revolts against the chat itself and there should be a new one, so FE played along and said some bad (but not serious) things about Venom, though some took it seriously and told Venom. Venom was still thinking of FE's punishment when suddenly he asked to be demoted to Moderator again to make "good times again". That night, shortly after the demotion, the chat was reset, so when FE came back, he was a guest. He was made a member by Sonu but would not be promoted to Mod because the chat rejected him (they treated him like JediBot) and Venom lost trust in him.

On January 9th, 2010, FireEmblem, Venom, and a bunch of people were annoyed by new members Klink a.k.a Dreiken and Lih, in which Lih complained a lot. Venom promoted FireEmblem to Moderator to help stop the crisis.

When BZPC moved to TheBZPC, FireEmblem was one of the original staff not to be re-promoted, due to three reasons: 1., They already had an exceptional number of staff, 2., Everyone was bashing him, and 3., He found being part of the staff being too much pressure. He is still currently a member of the chat.