On January 26, 2013, more than 3 years after the original Day of the Replicas, and just after the begining of the Eleventh Age of BZPC, an army of xat guests appeared at the chat cloning themselves. This event broke the record of the original Day of Replicas for having the most bannies online at one time.

The Return of the ClonesEdit

The mess began on the second day of BZPC's return from its two year on again off again (but mostly off again) hiatus. At this point in time guests were still allowed to talk in the chat. A couple guests with similar names appeared in the member list, prompting a "Oh look, clones" reaction from MT, referencing the original Day of the Replicas. One of the two guests responded to MT with "u want clones? :D". And with that, dozens of new guest clones began appearing in the member list and spamming the chat with paragraph long advertisements.

Venom responded by temporarily modding everyone currently in the chat but Jedibot to ban the clones, while he revised the chat policies to only allow members to talk. This solved the problem and returned things to normal; although it now meant that anyone new to the chat couldn't talk until a staff came around.


We all really know that Var was behind it so just admit it already yu feek.


A video of it was recorded: GREATEST VIDEO EVER

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