"Le Wtf" - Dariux
Chat-o-tronic Talkatron
Joined BZP: December 21, 2008
Joined BZPC: Sometime in 2009
Aliases: Darney Calhoun, Highlord Dariux
Hobbies: Chat-o-tronning, Doing Missions For The Minions and QQQQ, Pwning
Pronunciation of Current Name: Darn-ee cahl-hoon

Coming To Bzpc Edit

Dariux came to BZPC along with a large interjection of new members, a large portion of them from the Red Team of the Card Fad (The Corrupter of the souls, the card fad made people argue and it turns out it was a large advertising scam for a contest that had nothing to do with card games; rip off!) and the newly formed toa team Toa Rojos. Over his time on BZPC Dariux has proceeded to make many friends and gain the respect and admiration of all, Besides Eljay, who thinks he rambles, But Dar doesnt care as he knows Eljay is jealous of Dar's Ability to spout random nonsense and still manage to end up adding something worth reading to a conversation.

The Minions Of The Brain Edit

Dariux eventually befriended QQQQ and began working under him along with many others as part of an organisation that spawned the Anna Series, even changing his name on BZP for 90 days to show his allegiance to the group (Meso changed his name back as he is a filthy traitor, Eljay also thinks Meso is a retard, but this Article is not about Eljay OR Meso) and becoming a moderator in the Minion's HeadQQQQuarters.

Omegle Edit

Dar's Boredom Led him to Omegle, where Dar was caught up in many shenanigans including the infamous Indian Guy Conversation and Dar being Omegle-Rolled.

Modship Edit

Dar has been made a mod on many occasions, at the beginning of bzpc2, one time to moderate doodle, and again to serve a second term.

Despite what others think, Dar has proven himself to be a reliable staff member.

Skype Era Edit

Dar was one of the few memers who continued to use Xat after most of the BZPCians went to Skype. He rose to become the highest ranking Minion of the Brain, before vanishing.

Reunion EraEdit

The QQQQ finally found a way to contact Dar, and he returned to TheBZPC after two years.

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