Chubby Huggs is MT's cat, who believes everything can be solved through encouragement, mainly hugging. Chubby Huggs can often be seen giving hugs to people in order to get rid of anger, and he always has some happy remark with it, such as "You're a very special person," or "People must really love you!" Chubby has also been described as VTP's exact opposite. Oddly enough, we have never seen Chubby come on while MT is there, because Chubby Huggs is really just MT changing his name(THIS IS LIES AND SLANDER).

Chubby has been known to come on and break up many fights, including a huge one between ~Starparu411~ and Mesonak, and another one between Jedi and Anon.

He is made up completely of love and hugs, meaning he is invincible to anyone attacking him. Even though he is completely love and hugs, Starparu, Arc, Mesonak and Sonu absolutely hate him. (because they're jerks)
Chubby Huggs makes an appearance.