BZPower Edit

Before finding xat he just was a normal person who just hanged out rarely posting at all. He usually hung out at the BBC forums. He would eventually post a moc (which sucked epicly). After a few months he stumbled upon a topic about something called the card fad. He looked at it and after a few days joined. Thats when he met Makuta of Comedy, Varderan, Dariux, Nuparu411(Star) and several others. Afer a few weeks they trusted him enough and linked them to the base. On the base they had a xat chatroom. They stayed there for a while, becoming a member of the now defunct Toa Rojos, and usually just playing with the Xat doodle. Then BZPower crashed. He did not actively participate in the MiB war. At it's end, Makuta of Comedy linked him to BZPC.


He went to BZPC and was membered by a random mod. He thought the place was awesome. There he met several people including: Venom, Anon, Jed(loser), TMOAG, MT, Invictus and many more. He was there for a month or two till Venom reset the chat. He was a few of the unlucky people who were banned.

Destrix Edit

He once when there after his computers data got wiped. He noticed he was a guest and no longer banned. He then decided to make a new person, which he named destrix. Due to the fact he knew so much about bionicle he was membered after being interviewed by Mesonak. He stayed there for several months, making even more friends by pwning, repeatedly, his old Friend Star (who did not take it well), till Venom closed BZPC.

BZPC2 Edit

After he went there he just revealed Destrix was Blackout, which most people knew that cause of Star's big mouth. He stayed there for several months. Then after a while him and MT became good friends. He met the other Zehvors, MT's toa team. He joined. He also several months before that he joined OTS. He is a very active member of the Zehvor. Then one day he went to BZPC2 to find it closed.

theBZPC Edit

He eventually was linked to theBZPC and was quickly membered by Invictus. He basically just got over shifting chats constantly. He became friends with Venom again. He was there for many major events such as the banning of Anon, Makuta Vahi, Dave, and Hazmat. He started to become even more invovled with the Zehvor. He recently joined "Aftermath", MT's comedy. He now is friends with many of the members, though there are many that he hates such jed (thats pretty much it). He now just hangs out usually staying up late.

Quotes Edit

"COFFEE"-Blackout to MT


-Blackout was once a member of the Toa Rojos. He quit and joined the Zehvors (Most of them did)

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