Everyone has different views on stuff that goes down on TheBZPC, which is why I am now addressing the several issues, and looking forward to see groups created on people who share certain beliefs.

  • Swearing: There are those who believe swearing without censoring is completely fine, given the fact it's a BZPower chat, not a Bionicle chat where you can speak profanely. These NoobsSorry, I accidentally said my point of view people are a huge mass on TheBZPC. Now, there are people who think swearing isn't ok, and should be used sparingly while being censored and if not at all.
  • The Constitution: We have people who think we should follow what's said in the constitution and those who like to bypass some of the set out methods of punishment. There are those who think the staff should be in charge of how people should be punished by their own format (Though I don't know who the heck does that.)
  • Rules: Not much of a problem these days, besides the rising issue of what should be punishable now.
  • Respect: Everyone seems to like to insult each other and swear at each other. Some don't like it, and wish people would be more respectful of others. The end.
  • Staff: Some think there should be specific people in power, some think modforce should be increased or reduced, whatever.
  • Pirating: The guys playing Halo on the chat seem to have an issue with this. Most Halo players are pro-pirating but Invictus holds a strong point against it.

I don't see what the issue is. XD -Ven
Maybe the fact it's illegal? -Invi

  • Music: The Linkin Park and country bros clash with the metalposer and the metalhead a lot over what sounds better, lol.
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