BZPC Hell is basically where bad members go to suffer for their internet sins. BZPC Hell is divided into 9 circles, each ruled by a different person who(usually) has committed a horrible crime of the same sort. Most of these circles are either under construction or haven't been created yet.

The Nine Circles of BZPC HellEdit

Limbo: This is where those who need punishment but haven't had their destination picked out by another person go. It's also where bannies who are unclear about where they should go as well go. (lol im a link)

Lust: This is where those who have committed offenses such as linking pronz or making perverted jokes go. Although it has no official ruler yet, many people have suggested making GJ it. [click me for a good time (hello)]

Gluttony: Drug abusers, fatties, those who won't shut up about pie and cake, all of them go here in the Gluttony circle. No one controls it yet. [click for free food]

Greed: People who were greedy for staffmanship or votes for being in a staff wind up here for their punsihment. Pok is the ruler of this circle. (I are teh linkz)

Anger: People who get angry often but never commit BZPC crimes while angry go here, or are Madly In Anger With the World (Saint Anger). Shadok rules this circle. (raaaaaeg)

Heresy: Those who say bad things about staffies go here. Which means just about everyone goes here.But Kini mainly. Dar has claimed control of this circle. (click here to confess)

Violence: One step above anger is violence. This is for the people that have actually been kicked or banned for cursing or yelling while angry. For some reason, MT was chosen to rule it, even though he seemingly never gets angry, although we do believe it was because he ate a cheeseburger that was supposedly in the co-admin race. (click to kill someone)

Fraud: Those who lied to someone in order to get a vote(Anon(for blackmailing people into voting him when he had no actual blackmail info))or for any other reason wind up here. This is also where those who post incorrect information on BZPC wiki go as well, although they don't "suffer" as much. Ruled by The QQQQ (im a "link" lol).

Treachery: The final circle of BZPC Hell is treachery. Treachery is the worst crime on BZPC simply because you can't commit many crimes on the internet that are worse in the real world. Those who betrayed someone go to the lowest of the low. Kini rules this circle. (This link may deceive you.)