This is only intended to be a joke in some ways, so we're not really making a revolution out of this.

The BZPC Comic Revolution was launched on April Fools Day, when QQQQ released The Brain's Official Kit. Soon enough, great comic makers went back to noobish origins (and probably went even NOOBIER)and created comics considered "great" but not great in quality. These comics are perhaps the best of it's time, when people these days try to make themselves the best with Photoshop, GIMP, and other photo editing tools.

Examples Include:

When Invi released his comic onto the BZPC2 on April 13th BZPC2 created the new Cool(H) rating system, where you rate stuff out of(cool)s instead of stars.


In 2013 the new BZPC Doodle Comix launched, featuring QQQQ and Dariux as some of the creators.

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