BZPC10 also dubbed District 10 by some, is a BZPC rebellion chat started by Venom when he began to desire his old power back. It is a similar idea to BZPChan.

In late March, 2010, Mesonak began to create multiple BZPC chats as a prank, such as BZPC6, etc. Venom beat Meso to creating BZPC10, and set him off course as a prank. At first it was just a joke chat like all the others, but then Venom remembered how he left BZPC2 since he thought it was doing a poor job as a public chat. He decided to take a shot at a public chat again, and continued owning BZPC10 as a public chat. It's currently doing much better than what was expected. The visitors usually note the new rules benefiting them better than the old BZPC. And yes Q, there are people on it, even when I'm not online. -Ven

Many members who are loyal to the BZPC2 think Venom decided to reopen a chat is because Venom is sick of only having power over people he invites to the old BZPC, and decided, out of jealousy, to try and rule over the members that used to be his.

Venom explained the redundancy of that accusation, proving them wrong.

Soon it was voted that BZPC10 and BZPC2 should form a merge chat, in which Invi and Venom may rule together as main owners. Once it was official, BZPC10 was nuked never to be used again.

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