BBL Gonna Play Halo is a classic mock version and a variation of what the moderator incarnation of Arc would say when he left to play Halo, and never fulfilled his moderator duties during the time he was away.

Of course, for every action there is a consequence. And Arc would soon be mocked by many of the residents of BZPC, by people like Tenebrae Invictus. Invictus made variating jokes about bbl gonna play halo, with an example of bbl gonna play wow. (I don't exactly remember what I said :P).
Arc's famous lines made a last appearance in the scrollbar of BZPC. The lines were BZPC: bbl gonna play halo, written there by Sonu.

After Arc was demoted Dariux didnt have any staff to complain about and began looking for a new staff member to harrass, until he became a staffie himself, WHAT A TWIST!
Mesonak referring to Arc's saying.

Arc hasn't been seen in years and it has been suggested that he bbl'ed to play halo forever.

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