Awesomesauce is a special sauce that a person could only receive from Venom. When someone received the rank of Awesomesauce, they would be invited by Venom to his Awesomesauce chat group, where he would present his never-before-seen spriting and kits.

The Awesomesauce group was rivals with the Spaegewewrfefrwhatever group for some unknown reason.(The Minions have not expressed any hostility towards the Awesomesauces, so the unprovoked rivalry is a pointless and a malicious one at best).

When I said rivalry, I meant like the friendly Sonic/Knuckles rivalry. :P --ElVenom 07:34, March 29, 2010 (UTC)

Since the closing of the 1st BZPC, the status of the Awesomesauce chat is unknown.