"A bit of an odd one, but that's meant in a good way because normal people are boring.":::::::::-Ka-Chan

Aho-Chan is a current member of BZPower as well as many other sites spread across the internet, including but not limited to Micheal Bay trash, TMR, Wat, and Eurobricks.

Former Member of BZPC
Joined BZP: 15 Dec 2004
Joined BZPC: Summer 2009
Watches Over: weeb trash
Current Comic Series: n/a
Started BZPC Staff: n/a
Owned BZPC n/a

Early BZPower LifeEdit

Aho-Chan has technically been a member of BZPower since around September of 2004. However, due to having forgotten her old password, she resorted to creating a new account about three months later, which she has had ever since.

Little else is known about her prior to early 2008, other than that she used to be fairly active in Comedies from her join date up to mid-2006.

Current BZPower LifeEdit

Aho-Chan became much more social around spring of 2008, commenting in many peoples' profiles and posting MOCs in BBC. Her general upbeat demeanour and positive attitude are most likely a factor that led to many people adding her as a friend, to which she returned the favour. While many of the people who added her have not been seen in some time and are somewhat little-known, some of the people included rather well-known members such as Dokuma, Taka Nuvia, Wrack'n'Ruin, Ka-Chan, and Comrade Desu, as well as staff members such as Bfahome, Taka-Tahu-Nuva, Smeagol4, and Nikira.

She is usually found hanging around the Community Blogs.

BZPC: July 2009Edit

Aho-Chan was initially invited to BZPC in July of 2009 during the MiB hackings. She stayed for a while due to it seeming like a cool place. However, due to not having Internet, she was unable to return after that month, and largely forgot about it.

BZPC: January 2010Edit

After remembering that she used to go on BZPC, Aho-Chan went and quickly became a member. However, recently, she has been framed for allowing her "Anon" friends into the chat and supposedly spamming it up and constantly complaining. Despite her best efforts to convince the current members what really happened, they still remain convinced that she is merely an Anon and that she and her friends met on 4chan.

She was later banned from BZPC by Venom.


After being banned from the original BZPC, Aho-Chan later found out about BZPC2 and was allowed to join. However, she only visits a couple times a day for brief periods.


  • Aho-Chan currently holds the third-most visited profile on BZPower, behind GregF and Andrew K.
  • Aho-Chan met most of her friends either on BZPower or Wat, because on 4chan everybody is Anonymous, meaning they would not have known who was who anyways.

Aho-Chan's girlfriend is none other than The Desu.

Most likely 100% weeb trash

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